What am I doing here?
+ about us.

We are here to please only a few people,
We are here not to follow the trends,
We are here in a multicultural world,
We are here to respect other people and nature,
We are here to take care of your inner beauty too,
We are here to think, to feel, to love. 

We are here
‘cause we’re simply unconventional.

aaa/unbranded® stands for a different approach to beauty, body care and lifestyle through unconventional perfumes and skincare products.

Founded in 2017, aaa/unbranded® had the crazy idea to start by offering the market unisex fashion footwear for those who want to stand out from the crowd. Then in 2019 during the Paris Fashion Week, we discovered that few people really take care of their feet and legs. So, starting from the feet, we decided to take a series of steps forward. To start, we decided to walk barefoot by taking off our shoes and everything else with our brand. Then, we opened our new base in London and decided to focus on the essence of body and soul through unconventional perfumes and skincare.

We don’t reject anything from our past, we are in love with the journey that brought us here. All the people we have met so far have left us something that we have used and blended together. Assembled Around Aesthetics, this is our creative guiding spirit. 

That’s right, being unconventional doesn’t mean being eccentric, strange, or original at all costs. It has nothing to do with all of that. Especially not with a self-centered approach to living among others.

But rather try to always be yourself. Have your own beliefs and always pursue them. It means believing in values, in dreams, pursuing healthy goals, having your own thoughts without being influenced by common thinking. Being unconventional means having respect for oneself and at the same time for others. It means believing that beauty starts from within us. So if all around us is just appearance, think that your true beauty is made up of 70% inner beauty and 30% taking care of your outer beauty.

And we don’t hide it, but we would like to be part of your 30% of your outer beauty.

“I like to think that people who buy our products are investing in us. That’s why we do everything we can to make sure they are fully satisfied with their investment. They are investing in our research, our passion, our realness, and our perspective. And in the end, also in our products, that’s for sure.” 

The founder.

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